The Argument Web is a vision for an interconnected web of opinions, debates and arguments spanning billions of individual components. The idea is to overcome the limitations of traditional message-board and comment fora to allow everyone to have really good arguments that are supported by the technology rather than obstructed by it. These arguments might range from the quick-fire responses to crazy opinions in online fora, to more measured replies to newspaper articles, through refined ePetition which support more than all-or-nothing responses, to governmentally sanctioned eConsultation, through deep moral debates seeded by professionally produced content and opened out to anyone who is interested, to classroom discussions and analyses of famous debates.

No single tool can support all of these tasks. The Argument Web provides the standards and the infrastructure which is laying the ground for a constellation of different applications for different tasks. As these new applications are coming online, they are being made available in the Argument Web Application Library.

But if you want to try it out and see what's already available in the Argument Web, try searching at

Jan 2013